Commonwealth 2286 Bogie - Blue Train

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Commonwealth 2286 Bogie - Blue Train

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The 1939 Blue train was fitted with these special version of the Commonwealth 2286 bogie in the late 60s. The differed from the standard bogies in that instead of a central lef spring, they had shock absorbers fitted between the centre coil springs, and next to the outer coil springs. These are the only bogies that are suitable for the Drakensberg Express

Unfortunately, they have such a long wheelbase that they can not swing if they are mounted on models which have steps. We offer a cut down version to fit in this situation. This is one of those compromises that modellers have to make from time to time

Highly detailed and full relief, our bogies are the most accurate on the market today within the limitations of scale.

Supplied as a pair, complete with wheels and mounting screws, they are unpainted so the modeller can choose the correct colour to match their model and period.