Welcome to SARMODEL

SARMODEL was established in 1996 as the very first website on the internet that was dedicated solely to modelling Southern African railways.

Since then, we have extended from a purely informational site to providing our many designs via Shapeways, to establishing a 3D printing farm and producing our designs in-house.

Already well known for our extremely detailed and accurate bogies, we extend the same design philosophy to all of our models within the constraints of scale. Our 3D designs are produced from factory engineering drawings, by a modeller, for other modellers; You won't find any toy trains here!

Our models are all 3D printed using state of the art high resolution UV resin printers. They will require minor sanding where the supports have been removed. The models are printed to order, so there may be a few days delay before your order is shipped

Our pricing is in New Zealand dollars, aka the South Pacific Peso. It's usualy valued at quite considerably less than the US dollar, so don't be frightened. Google has a handy currency convertor, just type "NZD <your currency>" into the search bar.

Please feel free to browse our products from the categories in the left menu box.

Please note that we are now able to ship to South Africa via Aramex Courier Services. Shipping to all other worldwide destinations is available at this time via Aramex and NZ Post.

New Products For June