12E Metroblitz

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12E Metroblitz

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Please note: This is a kit only. It includes the body, bogie sideframes, battery box (Because electric locos don't have diesel fuel tanks ;-)), horns, couplers and screws. It does not include a mechanism or pantographs. The modeller will need to source a Roco E10/E40/E41/BR110/BR112/BR140/BR141 locomotive as a donor for the mechanism and pantographs. The older style mechanism is required.

Five modified 6E1 Series 10 locomotives were delivered by UCW in 1983 for use on the Metroblitz high speed passenger service between Johannesburg and Pretoria. These were single cab locomotives, with a guards area where the rear cab would have been.

When the Metroblitz service was withdrawn in 1985, they were repainted into Blue train livery and used on the Blue Train between Pretoria and Kimberley until 2005 when they were replaced on this service by the 14Es. There were several modifications made to the units, and thus the 12E in Metroblitz service and the 12E in Blue Train service can not be modelled by the same bodyshell.

Of note is that we have seen photographic evidence of both single arm and diamond frame pantographs fitted to these locomotives in both Metroblitz and Blue Train service.

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