SAR K-42 Guards and Baggage Van

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SAR K-42 Guards and Baggage Van

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In 1935 the SAR placed the first K-42 guards and baggage vans into service. Deliveries would continue sporadically through to 1956 and the vans continued in service through to the 1970s.

Of wooden construction on a steel underframe, they featured 2 baggage compartments, one at each end, and a central guards compartment. They were equipped with a single toilet cubicle for the guards use. There were four dog boxes.

Two vehicles replaced the K-36 vans in use on the Union Limited/Union Express until the introduction of the steel bodied K-44 vans.

The model is supplied unpainted. Bogies, wheels, couplers and screws are included. Glazing is included. The model also features accurate underframe equipment, accurate ducket style and accurate roof vent spacing and arrangement as per the style of clerestory. The tumblehome is also faithfully reproduced. A further feature is the sprung inter-carriage walkway, which can only be found on SARMODEL models.

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