SAR D-32 Composite First and Second Class Passenger Carriage

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SAR D-32 Composite First and Second Class Passenger Carriage

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Introduced in 1937 after the tenure of A. G. Watson as CME (1929-1936), but based on his design, the D-32s were much more numerous than the D-31. They had a different split between the classes as well, sleeping 12 first class passengers in two compartments and two coupes, and 21 second class passengers in three compartments and one coupe.

The Watson era marked a major break with the earlier designs of passenger carriages. They were wider, had straight corridors, enclosed vestibules and most of them were mounted on the new "Watson" bogies. The panels between the windows were also now vertical tongue and groove rather than the ornamental arched panels.

Some carriages had their Watson bogies replaced later in life with Day bogies. We offer three variants, Early (Bullnose clerestory roof), Late (Square clerestory roof) and Late with Day bogie (Square clerestory roof, Day bogies fitted).

Supplied unpainted, but with a detailed interior with separately applied compartment doors, bunks and seat backrests so the modeller can customise the model as they wish. Window glazing is supplied in an assortment of fully closed, 3/4 open, half open, 1/4 open and fully open configurations for the modeller to customise individual vehicles. This model also features the fully sprung and operating inter carriage walkways unique to SARMODEL. Bogies, wheels, couplers and screws are included. The model also features accurate underframe equipment and accurate roof vent spacing and arrangement.