L-52-T First Class Trailer Carriage

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L-52-T First Class Trailer Carriage

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The L-52-T motor carriages were first placed in service in 1961, with further orders placed over the years until 1985. All carriages were manufactured by UCW in South Africa, making them part of the 5M2A series. They had a single toilet. They could be found wherever suburban services were run.

This is the prototype Lima attempted to make a model of. However, they made many mistakes, which SARMODEL has not done

They were produced both with and without heating gear, with the heating gear equipped stock running in the Transvaal, and unheated stock running in Natal and the Cape. This can be seen externally, with stock having heating gear fitted having the hoods on either end of the roof and the cable that ran between them.

They can be divided roughly into 3 eras, Early, Mid and Late as follows:
    Rectangular windows in end doors
    Windows in end doors deleted
    Windows with rounded tops and bottoms added to end doors

The models feature sprung inter-carriage foot connectors, this is a feature exclusive to SARMODEL.

We recommend overhead projector film for glazing. All that is required to complete the model is paint and decals.

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