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The 10 members of the DE6 class were placed in service in 1966, Having been ordered and delivered just before sanctions went into place. A subsequent order was never delivered. They are the GE U20C, and were imported from the US. They are very similar to the U20C variant used by the South African Railways (The class 33-000) except for the lack of dynamic brakes and the associated housing for them and also many minor detail differences. Members of this class are still in service today, albeit being held together with chewing gum and string.

The model is supplied powered or unpowered and in 16.5mm or 12mm gauge. It includes couplers, screws and separately detail parts (Horns and vacuum pipes). It is DCC ready (8pin NEM socket) and directional lighting can be added by adding LEDs to the internal circuit board and optical fibre. It is supplied unweighted to reduce postage costs, we suggest using car tyre stick-on balancing weights to add weight to the model. The modeller will need to supply paint, decals and window glazing (Overhead Projector film works well for this)

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