2 Car Set - SAR A-1 Dining Car and AA-1 Kitchen and Staff Car

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2 Car Set - SAR A-1 Dining Car and AA-1 Kitchen and Staff Car

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Arriving from Japan (Built by the Tokyu Car Manufacturing Company) in 1968, the 10 A-1/AA-1 sets were numbered 401/402 to 419/420. They were fully air conditioned, a feature lacking in the later A-3/AA-3 sets where the staff accommodation was not air conditioned. Another difference was the AA-1 had large panoramic windows on the corridor side, similar to the A-1 windows, while the aa-3 had narrow windows similar to passenger carriages on the corridor side. External differences to the A-37/AA-38 (aka "Wegman" cars) was that the roof line matched the typical eliptical roofline of other steel bodied passenger stock, unlike the flattened roof on the Wegman cars

They were used in heavy duty service on the named express trains for only a few years before being supplanted by the A-3/AA3s but were more popular with the crews due to the aforementioned air conditioning in the accommodation section.

They can still be found in service today, and some have been heavily modified for use on the Premier Classe trains. As these cars never ran separated, they are sold as a set; the price includes both cars. The seats are supplied on a separate sprue, enabling the modeller to correctly model unoccupied seats in the upright position. Supplied unpainted, but with a detailed interior with separately applied seats. Bogies, wheels, brake wheels, couplers and screws are included. The model also features accurate underframe equipment and accurate roof vent spacing and arrangement.

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