6E1 Series 1

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6E1 Series 1

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Please note: This is a kit only. It includes the body, bogie sideframes, battery box (Because electric locos don't have diesel fuel tanks ;-)), detail parts (Vacuum hoses, horns), couplers and screws. It does not include a mechanism or pantographs. The modeller will need to source a Roco E10/E40/E41/BR110/BR112/BR140/BR141 locomotive as a donor for the mechanism and pantographs. The older style mechanism is required.

The 6E1 was delivered between 1969 and 1970 and continued with the squared off shape of the late 5E1 Series 5 locos, but the body differed in that the 3 vertical vents on each side of the body were deleted and replaced with a single large vent with a vertical division. In addition, large blower ducts were added to the roof. The body was identical to the 6E (Which was delivered AFTER the 6E1 Series 1), but the bogies were completely new and the first to use traction links.

The spotting eras as modelled can be loosely defined as Early, Mid and Late.

The differences between early and mid, and mid and late are based around three modifications. As delivered (early), the locomotive pilots (NOT cow-catchers!) had four long vertical slots on the right hand side of the coupler and three on the left and a small round sealed beam headlight.

The division between early and mid is based on the headlight being changed from a single mid sized round sealed beam to twin small sealed beam lights. It's not known when this modification took place.

The division between mid and late is based on the deletion of the right most long slot on the pilot, leaving 3 slots on each side of the coupler. In addition, at around the same time, the MU sockets on the right hand side of the cab were replaced with captive cables and dummy receptacles for the plugs on the ends of the cables. These modifications did not necessarily happen at the same time, but were within a year or two of each other. These mods occurred in the early to mid 1980s.

The modification applied where a plate was welded over the slots from the inside of the pilots is not taken into consideration, as this modification seems to have been applied somewhat haphazardly applied over the years.

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